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Chipa by Lempihetki

The Chipa is  singular exponent of the cultural blend between Hispanic and Guarani tribes from South America. A gastronomic crossing from the colonial times, that gave origin to this traditional recipe. We carefully prepare and adapt that recipe, respecting its cultural value. 

Chipa’s main ingredients are tapioca starch, naturally free of gluten, and cheese. We choose to utilise only lactose-free ingredients. We do not use artificial flavorings, or coloring.

Our artisan gourmet products are made with high-quality ingredients to offer you the best and most tasty Chipa.

Try all three Chipa tastes: CHIPA CLASICO, CHIPA RUOHOSIPULI, or our CHILI CHIPA


Ciboulette and Chili Chipa pictures by Sergio Urbina  @serubi
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Our services


CHIPA FROZEN: if you want Chipa at home, we sell bags of our special snack frozen. They can be cooked during the party time! They last in the freezer for 6 months …but we are sure that you will not be able to resist the temptation.

CHIPA BAKED: if you want to enjoy tasty Chipa at your office, we deliver freshly baked to offices around Helsinki.

CHIPA FOR SPECIAL EVENTS: if you or your company plan to organize an event and would like to offer Chipa, do not hesitate to contact us. We provide Chipa and have offers for special events.

Visit us in our store (open every Friday from 10 to 18), where you can enjoy Chipas with Mate Cocido (argentinean green tea), coffee or tea. Vanha Tapanilantie 51. Check it in the map Chipa Store



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About us

Lempihetki Oy is a young Finnish company with its production based in Helsinki.

We are passionate entrepreneurs introducing new flavors in Finnish culinary culture. To do so, we prepare and adapt an ancient recipe from northern Argentina.

Erika Avelli was born in Misiones, Argentina; in the area where ancient chipa tradition started. Erika worked professionally 10 years in Argentina and Brazil. She holds a MSc in Industrial engineering and an MBA. She also graduated in Helsinki Metropolia University as MSc in Logistics.

Agustina Lagomarsino was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is an industrial designer with a MA from the University of Arts and Design of Helsinki. She worked many years in education and helped with the development of different multicultural events. Agustina loves Finnish nature, reachable around every corner. 

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