Chipa by Lempihetki

Chipa is the ultimate snack! a delicious salty bite, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside.

Chipa is the result of a gastronomic crossing from the colonial times. A recipe from South America that we carefully prepare and adapt, respecting its cultural value.

Our main ingredients are tapioca starch, naturally free of gluten, cheese and free-range eggs. We choose only lactose-free ingredients, and we do not use any artificial flavourings, or colouring.

Our artisan gourmet products are made with high-quality ingredients to offer you the best and most tasty Chipa.

Try our main Chipa flavours:

     Clásico, the original!

     Ruohosipuli, with a gourmet touch of Ciboulette

     Chili, with a delicious spicy kick 😊

We are constantly experimenting with locally-sourced ingredients, and launching new limited editions every season.

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